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5 Best Poker Movies of All Time

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5 Best Poker Movies of All Time

Posted on 29 September 2013 by Chris Ford


If you are an enthusiastic poker player and you spend your time playing poker with other people, watching poker games on TV, or if you often play poker online on sites like you surely love watching poker movies too. Keep on reading this article to learn about some of the best poker movies of all time. There is no specific order, as they are all really great.</p>


1. The Cincinnati Kid (1965), directed by Norman Jewison and starring Steve McQueen and Edward G Robinson. It’s a young kid versus an old pro kind of film, where the young up coming poker player takes on the long-time master in a classic game of Five Card Stud. The movie shows the pressure rising around the Cincinnati Kid as he’s getting closer to the big game. And, as Lancey Howard known as “the Man” says at the end of the movie, “it’s about making the wrong move at the right time”.


Rounders2. Rounders (1998), directed by John Dahl and starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich. The film portrays New York’s underground poker scene before many of its participants became famous. The movie talks about a young guy who goes back to playing high stake poker to help his friend to pay back to loan sharks.


maverick3. Maverick (1994), directed by Richard Donner and starring Mel Gibson, James Garner and Jodie Foster. The movie is set in the Far West and is based on the US TV series “Maverick”, broadcasted between 1957 and 1961. It’s a funny, snarky comedy, but a rather distant portrayal of the main character from the 1960s TV show.


the-sting4. The Sting (1973), directed by George Roy Hill and starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Robert Shaw. The film has won seven Academy Awards, among which Best Picture and Best Directing. Even though this classic movie doesn’t display the strategies and skills involved in nowadays poker games, it shows the long forgotten side of poker – cheating. The movie tells a story about two con men that are planning to revenge the murder of their friend by winning a fortune from the mob boss.


high-roller-the-stu-ungar-story-20035. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003), directed by A. W. Vidmer and starring Michael Imperioli in the role of Stu “The Kid” Ungar. The movie is also known as “Stuey” and it’s abiographical film about the life of the professional poker player Stu Ungar from the US. He was the youngest poker player to win the World Series of Poker Main Event in 1980, until Phil Hellmuth took this title from him nine years later. He also holds the unbroken record of being the winner of the Main Event three times during his lifetime.


These five movies are some of the greatest poker movies of all time, many of which are both classics and incredible sources of inspiration when it comes to poker game and cinema.

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Manchester Pale Ale – Manc’s Invade London

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Manchester Pale Ale – Manc’s Invade London

Posted on 27 September 2013 by Chris Ford

On Wednesday it seems a bunch of Gallagher brother clones invaded Covent Garden , London

Why would someone do such a thing I hear you ask?  aren’t two of them enough?  well it was to promote Manchester Pale Ale which is now available in Asda and selected pubs .

check out the video below


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Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay Speaker

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Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay Speaker

Posted on 26 September 2013 by Chris Ford


There seems to be alot of these portable speakers hitting the market recently the idea being a wireless speaker that you can stream music from your phone or tablet device. I have reviewed a few of these speakers on the site, but up until now they have been smaller quite basic affairs, so when I was offered the XW-SMA3 from Pioneer to play with I was excited to see what it had to offer.

First impressions the Pioneer is a stylish well presented bit of kit with slick touch sensitive buttons and a large speaker grill dominating the box.

Connection options on offer are Airplay (for Apple devices)  DLNA ( alot of Android and quite afew of other devices support this)  and finally HTC connect which is basically HTC’s version of airplay although sadly limited to a small number of phones at the moment such as the HTC ONE.


So being a Apple man I went about trying to pair the speaker with my Ipad,  this is where I hit a bit of a stumbling block, the included instructions arent great or at least confused the hell out of me and just didn’t work!  in the end after an hour or so of hopeless fiddling I made a call to Pioneer who to be fair were very helpful and  sorted the problem out straight away.

Once the IPad was successfully paired the two devices communicated seamlessly.


The Sound quality?  well this is where I’m torn, the speaker has a lot of power especially for its size and the music is loud and vocals clear, for dance and rap tracks the speaker sounds amazing but with more rock or guitar based music the instrument seperation isnt quite there so I would say its certainly not a speaker for the audiophile but then Im not sure you expect sound perfection with a product like this, in fact I think the Pioneer XW-SMA3 is perfect for BBQs and parties where you need music portability and in that field this speaker really comes up trumps with a excellent lithium Ion battery that will last you five hours worth of party tunes.

Overall if you are looking for a decent portable speaker to take in the garden or parties this is ideal and I would thoroughly recommend it.You can currently pick up the Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay Speaker at Amazon for £169.99 in either White or Black.

For more info on the XW-SMA3 and other great Pioneer Products head over to





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Manatomicals Get Fresh Caveman Kit!

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Manatomicals Get Fresh Caveman Kit!

Posted on 20 September 2013 by Chris Ford

We have reviewed the Manatomicals range of products before so there’s no need for me to introduce them other than to say they are fantastic quality products with fun cool packaging at a great price point.

Manatomicals continue to expand their men’s grooming range and the latest is their ‘Get Fresh Kit’ containing a body wash and body spray.

As you can see the set is package with the usual Manatomicals humor and they certainly brighten up my otherwise boring bathroom


whats more I got the set as part of a 3for2 promotion at Tescos currently which also includes some other Manatomicals products so now is the perfect time to try the range!


The Get Fresh Caveman set is priced at £6.00 and if you want to take advantage of the 3for2 offer head over to now or pop into the store.





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Hunter London Candles

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Hunter London Candles

Posted on 17 September 2013 by Chris Ford

Scented Candles are I think a tricky one for a man, well at least me. I was on the lookout for a decent candle to burn to make the place smell nice after one too many cigars had been enjoyed in the room and I have had real trouble finding something with what I would consider a manly scent.


So in the last few months I have been through the usual suspect ranging from the cheap and cheerful Ikea range (just don’t, think burnt hair!) to the Yankee Candle range which while to be fair the scent was strong it seemed far too artificial to me plus also there was nothing really man orientated in the range.

So along came Hunter London, I opted for their Club 1948 candle which they describe as A dark masculine fragrance – inspired by London’s gentleman’s clubs in the 1940’s. A woody amber base redolent of black pepper and the essential oils of autumn fruits are finished with spiced lavender.

Almost sounds like it was made for my purposes! and you know what its fantastic!, even before you light the candle as the packaging is opened a pleasant waft of the candles fragrance hits you, it reminds me of a high end aftershave and Hunters description is perfect – the woody notes with a slight spice.


One interesting point to note is the way Hunter London make their candles, they have purposely went out to create a range of scented candles using 100% Soy wax. Soy bean wax is a soft wax allowing the candle to burn at a cooler temperature which in turn last longer then paraffin waxes.

Soy wax has a beautiful creamy like feel and if spilt on surfaces it can easily be removed with a cloth, unlike paraffin wax which drys hard.

I can thoroughly recommend you give Hunter London’s range a go, especially the Club 1948 which I think is perfect for any Gentlemen’s abode.

For more info on Hunter London and to purchase the Club 1948 (£25.00) please head over to

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Bluebeard’s revenge deluxe Shaving kit

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Bluebeard’s revenge deluxe Shaving kit

Posted on 09 September 2013 by Eddie


I was excited to receive a fantastically masculine “deluxe kit” from Bluebeard’s revenge. The holographic skull and crossed bones adorned gift boxed ensemble consists of: Pre-shave oil, shaving cream, post shave balm, “doubloon” shaving brush, and a roll on antiperspirant deodorant. Alongside this set I also received the cologne and a shavette straight razor (these will be reviewed in the future).  These products are all in separate individual boxes in the blue gift box, but more of that later.

The thing that stands out with this brand the unashamed marketing telling “the bum fluff brigade” and girls that they need not apply, a la Yorkie bars. Another nice and more serious aspect is the supporting of the orchid charity, this charity supports male cancer sufferers and provides preventative education. In supporting this charity the typically unprinted inside of the boxes are printed with advice on symptoms and self examination to help in detecting cancers early etc. (so there is no excuse not to check your balls when alone in the bathroom).


First up the pre shave oil: This is a new thing to my wet shave regime, I’ve never seen the need for this until I was sent this to try. This stuff is fantastic, I always struggle with getting a close & irritation free shave on the right side of my neck due to a strange hair growth pattern. When I apply this first, no matter what shave cream I use the irritation is reduced.


Next is the shave cream, the scent was developed to remind the user of a classic English barbershop (the sort that shaves, not the sort that performs surgical operations) with a modern twist. The scent has grown on me and I now really enjoy it, so stick with it if you are used to the more floral scents that men are bombarded with these days. This product lathers well and provides a great level of lubrication for even the sharpest blade, twinned with the pre-shave oil the shave is the most comfortable and easiest close shave I’ve had. There is a growth inhibitor in this cream, there is science behind the claims, but I’ve not used it enough to comment on this.


To finish the shave there is the need for a shave balm. This little tub of gel has a very gelatinous consistency with a scent that follows the rest of the range. Once you slap it on the Aloe Vera gets to work and sooths any irritation that has occurred. This scent lingers for hours at a pleasant level.


The antiperspirant is good, stops sweat and smell like the rest, I’ve not got much else to say.

I really enjoy having a set of grooming products that works well together without picking and mixing different brands trying to find scents that work well together.


My only slight criticism is of the doubloon brush, while this brush is perfectly adequate with a great back bone that lathers well, it is a bit small. I have now relegated this to my travel wash bag, but even if you are used to using a much bigger brush, it still works well and I found it behaved much better than I expected it to given its small size. If you aren’t used to a bristle brush, be warned: the first few times you use one it will smell like road kill, but this wears off (this is the same with all bristle brushes). And more to the point why are you sniffing your shaving brush?!

This set will make a great present for any guy who has a decent beard. (even if you buy it for yourself, you know you deserve a present)

I will definitely be buying more of these in the future when my current supply runs out.

The girlfriend says: I thought it would look weird to have products with skull and crossbones next to my rubber duck, but it is a quirky juxtaposition.ducks

For more information on The BlueBeards Revenge range head over to

To purchase these fantastic products may I suggest or any other shaving requirements.

One last thing, Bluebeards Revenge support Orchid in their fight against male testicular cancer and we think its a rather worthy cause too so if you get a minute please check out their site


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Henri Leconte | Stella Artois Connoisseurs

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Henri Leconte | Stella Artois Connoisseurs

Posted on 05 September 2013 by Chris Ford

Continuing their fantastic ‘Connoisseurs’ series Stella Artois speak to  tennis legend  Henri Leconte  about inspiration, preparation, character and more, interesting stuff!


The series  highlight’s the featured connoisseur’s individual craft, capturing their passion and vision, revealing the hidden inspirations and motivations behind achieving excellence in areas such as film and sport. Each film explores the role of rituals in each personality’s profession and how this has assisted their success, allowing them to meet the highest standards in their field of expertise.

Viewers can discover the Stella Artois Pouring Ritual** through the Connoisseur Series which will be hosted on the newly launched Stella Artois UK YouTube channel ( and will be unveiled throughout the summer and autumn.





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Rum in your beer Sir?

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Rum in your beer Sir?

Posted on 02 September 2013 by Chris Ford

Messing with beer is a tricky one so beer purists look away now this could get messy…..

I love a ice cold beer especially on a hot summers day like we have been having recently and always up for trying something new so when I was offered a couple of new beers to try I of course said yes.

If you have had a Desperados (beer blended with tequila) before and liked it then you will be on the right track to try these two new offerings.


First up is Dead Crow  which is a 5.5% bourbon flavored beer, at first I wasn’t sure whether I like this, its certainly an acquired taste but I can’t deny by the end of the bottle I was reaching for my next its quite sweet but very tasty.


The next offering is Cuvana , again a beer and spirit mixture but this time its rum and I think of the two this works much better, you can really taste the rum flavours where as the Bourbon in the Dead Crow while it has a nice kick that Bourbon taste doesnt really come through as well as the rum does in the Cuvana.  The Cuvana is again 5.5% so they both have a decent amount of alchol in them as you would probably expect from a blend such as these.

Over all I would thoroughly recommend giving either of these ago especially the Cuvana

Both beers are available now in 330ml bottles with an RRP* of £3.50 from most good Supermarkets.




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