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Top 10 Pilsners to Drink

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Top 10 Pilsners to Drink

Posted on 30 September 2014 by Chris Ford

10 Pilsners to Drink
By Mark Dredge

Not many beer styles can be traced back to an exact beginning, a Day One of its existence, but you can with Pilsner, ostensibly the style which now accounts for around 90% of beers brewed around the world. The first ever brew of a golden lager, which took the name of its hometown of Pilsen in what’s now the Czech Republic, took place on 5 October 1842. To celebrate the 172nd anniversary of that historic birthday brewday, here’s 10 great Pilsners to try around the world.


A British-brewed Pilsner, Windsor & Eton’s Republika uses pale Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops then gives a long, cool maturation to leave a quality lager with the famous spicy Saaz flavour and aroma then a dry, clean finish.


Czech-style Pilsners have a rich body of malt to them whereas German-style Pilsners tend towards the drier end of the taste spectrum, with a more noticeable bitterness. Schonramer Pils is a quintessential example of a German Pilsner that’s dry, bitter, aromatic and ever-so drinkable.


Brazil is one of the world’s largest beer markets by volume, selling mostly Pilsner-style beers, and while it’s dominated by big breweries there’s a growing march of microbreweries like Cervejaria Bamberg, whose Pilsen has a honey-like sweetness balanced by a refreshing bitterness.


A new spin on the style, Birrificio Italiano’s Tipopils uses all German hops in this aromatic, pithy Pilsner that’s rightly seen as a modern classic. The soft malt body is enhanced by the beer being unfiltered, leaving it full and rich yet still quenching, all while the hops give it an incredible depth of flavour.


American pilsners have a weak reputation but Firestone Walker’s Pivo Pils is the homerun hitting hero of a new breed of hoppy Pilsners which are showcasing classic European hops in a new way to give citrus and stone fruit flavour and a bracing bitterness.


New Zealand Pilsner has become its own style thanks to Kiwi brewers taking the classic base beer and then using their local hops which give a zesty citrus, mango and gooseberry fruitiness. Emerson’s Pilsner is one of the best.


Camden Town Brewery like their lagers and want to tell the world how good and different they can be. Their Pils has a subtle malt base, a dry bitterness and a riot of resinous, citrusy American hops, twisting another alternative route on Pilsner’s world travels.

Perhaps surprisingly, Vietnam has a decent beer culture with a strong influence from Czech Pilsners, none more so than the Plzen Brewery in Hanoi. A light, clean golden beer, it’s refreshing and tasty and a great partner for vibrant Vietnamese cuisine.


Odell Brewing’s Double Pilsner takes the idea of a Pilsner and gives it an American supersizing, amping the alcohol up to 8.1% and throwing in loads more hops, leaving a deep, rich golden beer that’s powerfully aromatic and deeply layered with hop flavour.


And of course there’s Pilsner Urquell. A bright golden colour, it has a depth of honey and caramel in the malt and then a refreshing bittersweet finish from the Czech Saaz hops. Not many Pilsner’s taste like this now, showing just how much the style has evolved around the world, while the original has remained unchanged since 1842.

Mark Dredge profile

Mark Dredge is an award winning beer and food writer and Pilsner Urquell Beer Correspondent. For more information please visit

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Button Up with Ben Sherman

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Button Up with Ben Sherman

Posted on 26 September 2014 by Chris Ford

KJ9V1773 copy

The original ‘button up’ is breaking new ground for Ben Sherman as they return to their roots with their AW14 collection. they say buttoning up is a deliberate style that exudes ‘Britishness’ and personal pride, like the original 1963 shirts

KJ9V1794 copy


our writer Eddie jumped at the chance to get involved as you can see!, I think someone has aspirations as a model ? All the

photos in this post feature him modeling a shirt from the new collection.

KJ9V1730 copy

To celebrate the new collection Ben Sherman are asking you to ‘Button up’ for a chance to win your very own shirt from the collection.

To enter all you have to do is:
1. Follow @aheritageofmodernism on Instagram (Ben Sherman’s handle)
2. Upload a photo and tag @aheritageofmodernism in it using #buttonup
3. Answer the question ‘Why do you button up?’

The new collection is available now :

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The Top 10 Tube faux pas & Win Russell Kane Tickets!

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The Top 10 Tube faux pas & Win Russell Kane Tickets!

Posted on 25 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Those humorous little moments on the Tube that only us reserved Brits would worry about have been put under the microscope in a new survey – with the help ofcomedian Russell Kane.
Something as seemingly innocent as ‘making accidental eye contact’ with a fellow passenger has been judged by the public as perhaps the most dreaded faux pas of all, and far worse even than something physical like falling asleep on someone’s shoulder!
The findings are from a poll by filtered water experts BRITA, who are mounting a public information campaign called Travel Smart, reminding passengers to stay hydrated on the Tube this summer.
BRITA’s research of 2,000 regular Tube users, carried out by OnePoll, found that more than two thirds of passengers commit the very real ‘faux pas’ of failing to carry a hydrating drink in hotter weather, despite the regular announcements made on the Underground urging them to do so.

In order to delve further into the other ‘faux pas’ of Tube travel, BRITA enlisted the aid of comic and TV star Russell Kane, who is well-known for incorporating observations on Tube travel into his act – embodied in his smash-hit Smallness show.
Russell said, “The Underground is a metal ‘Test Tube’ filled with the essence of British Reserve. We are trapped for at least the duration of a ‘stop’ in the close scrutiny of our fellow passengers – so any small faux pas we make has the potential to be magnified into a dreadful embarrassment.”
“After 60 long seconds pressed up against a total stranger, even such an innocuous thing as making accidental eye contact can feel like a proposal of marriage!”
The results of the poll explain the practiced ‘Underground Stare’ into the middle distance perfected by regular Tube users, and unwanted looks also figure in the second most practiced faux pas admitted by passengers: the prolific and dreaded ‘getting caught reading someone’s newspaper over their shoulder’!
Number three demands a bit of space! It’s when you make the dramatic leap through the doors in a desperate bid to make the train – and then have to stand or sit feeling foolish for a minute before the doors finally close. In those circumstances, the faux pas-averse really do ‘mind’ the doors!


The Top 10 Tube faux pas
1. Making awkward eye contact
2. Getting caught reading a newspaper or a mobile phone over someone’s shoulder
3. Making a dramatic leap through the doors – only to find they weren’t
about to close
4. Not hanging on and falling over when the train moves
5. Waving at someone they thought they knew, but didn’t!
6. Spilling a drink over themselves or the person next to them
7. Falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder
8. Passing wind
9. Eating smelly food
10. Accidently singing with their headphones on

Russell Kane will be delivering extracts from his Smallness tour and BRITA’s Travel Smart campaign at a private gig. The gig will be held on Monday, 29th September at the 100 Club, London

We have the fantastic prize of two tickets including a meet and greet with Russell after the show!

to win the tickets just email us at telling me the name of Russells new tour

Terms :
A winner will be picked at random on Friday 26th PM
The winner will be notified on the Friday, if they fail to make contact by Monday 29th 9am the tickets will be reallocated. The decision of Gentlemen’s Goods in all cases in final.

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Heineken | The Pop-up City Lounge

Posted on 24 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Heineken has unveiled a premium, design-focused lounge bar at the London Design Festival.

The ‘Pop-up City Lounge’ is the second edition in the brand’s ‘Open Design Exploration’ series and was created by twenty young designers from across the globe, crafted in response to suggestions of what the ultimate lounge bar should be from tens of thousands of consumers, who shared inspirational images on Instagram.


The lounge offers Heineken of course but also Heineken based cocktails paired with food in a cool modern setting.

Hidden behind the industrial, corrugated iron shell of two forty-foot shipping containers, the ‘Pop-Up City Lounge’ is an space full of cutting-edge design features created to optimize the nightlife experience. The lounge as in London last week and now embarks on a tour of global nightlife hotspots.


What happens when you crowdsource thousands of ideas on what makes the perfect lounge bar and give twenty experimental young designers the total freedom to create one from scratch… inside two giant shipping containers? well check out this great video Heineken have put together and find out

for more info on the project and other design project Heineken is working check out their microsite

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Bluebeards Revenge – brushless shaving solution

Posted on 22 September 2014 by Eddie

I was sent The Bluebeards Revenge Brushless Shaving Solution just as I was about to spend 2 weeks living in a hotel with work, so the timing was perfect. However much I enjoy traditional shaving, one thing I don’t like is trying to pack all of the associated paraphernalia. This product means you can get away without the brush, which I find is the hardest thing to pack safely (with the exception of glass bottles).


When I first used it I didn’t have a very wet face and found it less than impressive. The next time I made sure my face was very wet before face lathering this thick white gel, still without a brush. This resulted in a relatively irritation free shave with plenty of lubrication for the razor.

After a long weekend of not shaving I tried it on long stubble, this product works well here. Although it seems to encourage the razor to clog, with a double edged razor this isn’t a problem, I just unscrew the head a turn and sluice under the tap to clear.

The best shave I got was from using this in conjunction with a generous helping of the Bluebeards revenge pre shave oil. This shave if done with a wet face was nearly as good as a brushed lather shave.

There isn’t much to say about the scent beyond that it still has the traditional barber shop smell that is common across the range as I’ve discussed on previous reviews. This is a great subtle scent that I still love.

I’m not sure this will be in my daily rotation as I’ve already got the brush and other brush on creams, but I will most certainly keep it for travel use. It would also suit new comers to the brand who don’t have a brush. That isn’t to say it doesn’t work well, but to say I’ve found that I really enjoy all of the preparation that a normal cream requires.

The Bluebeards Revenge range is available from :



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Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

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Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

Posted on 18 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor, body builder and errm Mayor the man seems to be able to do anything he sets his mind to, here in honour of the release of his latest film Sabotage on DVD and Blu-Ray I list my top ten Arnie movies

Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Having previously been a bodybuilder (an occupation for which he drew attention in the 1977 documentary Pumping Iron), Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger always yearned to move into the acting industry. Following his seventies screen debut (Hercules in New York), bit parts followed in the lead up to his starring role in smash-hit Conan the Barbarian, a swords ‘n’ sandals epic in which he played a young barbarian avenging the death of his parents at the hand of a cult. Arnie returned for sequel Conan the Destroyer in 1984.

The Terminator (1984)
With a thirst for action films in the 80s, Schwarzenegger’s profile was further raised by a whole array of the rollicking rides, including Raw Deal (1986), Red Heat and the action-comedy Twins (both 1988). However, none of these roles would have been offered to him had he not taken what many deem to be his signature role: The Terminator. In James Cameron’s sci-fi classic, Arnie played a cyborg assassin sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor in order to prevent the birth of an oncoming human saviour. Uttering the line ‘I’ll be back’ worked quite well for Schwarzenegger too.

Commando (1985)
A critical and commercial success, in Commando, Schwarzenegger plays a retired elite Black Ops Commando who launches a one-man war against a group of criminals who abduct his daughter in order to get him to get an exiled dictator back into power. Writer Jeph Loeb (producer of television sensation LOST) revealed that first in line for the role was Kiss front man Gene Simmons, but Arnie embraces the role by playing Colonel Matrix with a fervour unlike any other.

Predator (1987)
John McTiernan’s beloved sci-fi action horror follows an elite special forces team, led by Arnie’s Dutch, on a mission to rescue hostages from guerrilla territory in Central America. They soon become aware that they are being hunted by a technologically advanced extra-terrestrial who dispatches them one by one (naturally). Despite receiving negative press at its time of release, Predator has endured as something of a cult; two sequels and two crossover films have since been produced, with Arnie involved in none of them. A reboot at the hands of Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has just been greenlit.

Total Recall (1990)
Apparently one of the most expensive films made at the time of release, Total Recall is a futuristic sci-fi which many Arnie fans hold dear to their hearts; when Douglas Quaid goes on a virtual vacation to Mars, an unexpectedly harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real – only is it real? Famed for his many one-liners across his back catalogue, this mind-bender features the brilliantly-delivered line of dialogue: ‘Consider dat a divorce’ as he shoots his double-crossing wife (played by Sharon Stone).

Kindergarten Cop (1990)
Ivan Reitman’s comedy thriller stars Schwarzenegger as John Kimble, a touch police detective who must go undercover as a kindergarten teacher to catch a drug dealer. Beating out the likes of Bill Murray, Patrick Swayze and his Twins co-star Danny DeVito to the role, the film has endured as a slice of fun action to watch with all the family – something Arnie achieved with Last Action Hero (1993), Junior (1994) and Christmas staple Jingle All the Way (1996).

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
James Cameron’s sci-fi sequel follows Sarah Connor and her son John hunted by a more advanced and ever-deadlier terminator – this time Robert Patrick’s memorable villain T-1000. In a contrast to the previous film, Schwarzenegger here plays a good incarnation of the Terminator, this time sent to protect the Connors – so essentially playing a machine with a heart, and in the process showcasing his range of acting abilities.

True Lies (1994)

An extended remake of French film La Totale!, True Lies SAW Arnie re-team with his Terminator director James Cameron in an action which sees his lead character Harry Tasker leading a double life performing covert missions for the US government under a counter-terrorism task force unbeknownst to his wife Jamie Lee Curtis and daughter Dana. This was the first film with a production budget of over £100m.

The 6th Day (2000)

This underrated Arnie action film follows family man Adam Gibson who is cloned without his knowledge or consent. Set in a futuristic world (the year 2015, would you believe…), Roger Spottiswoode’s film gives Schwarzenegger plenty of well-choreographed scenes to chew in, and zippy one-liners to throw the audience’s way.


Sabotage marks not only Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long-awaited return to his action roots- for director David Ayer’s action thriller, Schwarzenegger allows Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, Terrence Howard and Josh Holloway to join him as they go after a mysterious assassin who is trying to get rid of them one by one. With an awesome team like that, the movie easily keeps action lovers excited and on the edge of their seats.

Sabotage is out now on Blu-ray and DVD by Lionsgate Home Entertainment you can get yours from Amazon now.

I have a copy to give away, if you want to win it just email me at and tell me which state in the USA Arnie was mayor of until recently?

A winner will be drawn next Friday 26th Sept at random.

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Le Col Announces Brand New Winter Collection

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Le Col Announces Brand New Winter Collection

Posted on 16 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Cycling brand Le Col has expanded its winter collection with the release of the latest clothing innovations for 2014. The British cycling apparel brand, founded by professional cyclist Yanto Barker, has continued its pursuit of road perfection with each new garment offering the latest clothing technology and technical expertise.


The new winter range has been meticulously road-tested to give riders the edge on the road. The latest releases for both men and women include jackets, winter tights and a range of accessories that are guaranteed to enhance your cycling performance. Each product has been designed with the rider in mind with no expense spared. Each garment is windproof, waterproof and developed with an extra breathable fabric to keep the rider as comfortable as possible.

Le Col founder Yanto has shared his knowledge and expertise to ensure each Le Col rider is comfortable and efficient during winter conditions, he strives to help cyclists push their physical limits throughout the more challenging months with appropriate kit.

Yanto Barker, found of Le Col said: “In cycling the small details make the difference. That is why I created Le Col, to develop a kit so good, so fit for purpose it is one less detail to think about. Our dedication to making the best kit possible means we won’t settle for second best and don’t think you should either.”

Le Col is branded with the ‘Made in Italy’ label once again, prominent on each garment to remind the wearer of its authenticity and dedication to quality as the most technical cycling apparel available.

B5 Winter Jacket:

RRP £250.00


The B5 Winter Jacket has been developed with wind stopper thermal, water resistant front panels as well water resistant rear panels to ensure every rider is fully protected from both the wind and rain this winter. The jacket also comes with three large pockets and an additional fourth waterproof security pocket to ensure all valuables are kept dry and safe.

Each jacket comes with a full length zip, high soft lined collar and reflective thermal panels. The use of the reflective thermal panels ensures riders will be as safe as possible when riding on dark nights this winter, as well as ensuring the rider looks as stylish as possible.

B5 Winter Tights

RRP £180.00


The new B5 winter tights have been made using aqua zero material, ensuring all riders are kept as dry as possible. The tights have also been created with visibility panels that can be seen from front and rear angles, giving added safety during the shorter days and longer nights.

The winter tights come with ankle zips and comfortable bibs straps, ensuring riders are as comfortable as possible this winter.

Le Col Leg and Arm Warmers

RRP £43.00


Smart black roubaix arm and leg warmers are carefully fitted to ensure maximum comfort and warmth to those who enjoy wearing short sleeve jerseys and shorts throughout winter.

The leg warmers are fitted with high visibility white strips at the ankles for safety in poor light as well as silicone gripper to hold up and keep them firmly in place during rides.

The Le Col range is available to buy at or via selected stockists.

Cycling enthusiasts can stay up-to-date with Le Col news on Twitter @OfficialLeCol and on Facebook @LeColClothing.

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Designer Patrick Grant partners with beer brand Affligem

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Designer Patrick Grant partners with beer brand Affligem

Posted on 12 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Affligem Coat and Tails

In the build up to London Fashion Week, Premium Belgium beer brand, Affligem, has delved into its rich heritage by collaborating with renowned Savile Row tailor, Patrick Grant, to reinterpret the traditional attire worn by the knights who founded the Affligem back in 1074.

The bespoke suit aims to combine the elegance, sophistication and craft of Affligem, while encapsulating the historical background of its 11th century founding fathers into a suit fit for 21st century gentlemen. In order to keep the suit in accordance with knights’ traditions, the collection was created under close consultation with Oxford University historian, Dr Dominic Selwood, who specialises in the era.

The Affligem story began early in the 11th century. After years of gruelling battle, six weary knights in search of a sincere and peaceful life returned home to Affligem, Belgium. Despite their allegiance to the Roman Emperor, they dreamt of exchanging their armour for monks’ robes, of dedicating their lives to the poor and of building a great abbey. Ten years later, it was now six monks who looked upon their finished abbey and began to brew Affligem beer.

Knights Coat and Tails

Encapsulating Affligem’s heritage and staying true to the historic accuracy of the period, Patrick Grant has crafted an imposing soldierly-styled 2-piece suit for his creation. With an elongated tailored jacked cut just above the knee and high stand collar to replicate the traditional style worn, the outfit is finished off with a high whole-cut waist trouser with cavalry cut hem. In keeping with the 11th century custom, the suit has been woven with a chainmail design jacquard in black wool, with silver and grey silks.

Savile Row designer, Patrick Grant said: “I am fortunate to get to work on some genuinely challenging projects. Through our collections at E. Tautz we’ve explored well over 400 years of English clothing history but this project for Affligem took us back a further six centuries. It was fascinating to think about the function and design of the costumes of men in the 11th century and to try to meld them with the Savile Row techniques and fabrics, and interpret them for a contemporary audience. Our project with Affligem has been a pleasure to work on from start to finish”.

Affligem Knights Coat and Tails

Affligem is available in three distinctive guises, Affligem offers a selection of crafted tastes to satisfy the more discerning palate. Blonde (ABV 6.8%) is an eminently drinkable classic clear ale, whilst Double (ABV 6.8%) is a more complex, richer affair, steeped in dark malt overtones. Triple (ABV 9%) is the pride of the abbey, with a distinctive bitterness and gratifying strength for those who seek something beyond their traditional beer portfolio.


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WIN: Sopranos Complete Blu-Ray Boxet

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WIN: Sopranos Complete Blu-Ray Boxet

Posted on 08 September 2014 by Chris Ford


Fifteen years after it first hit our screens the multi award wining Sopranos finally gets a much desererved release in HD via Blu-ray.

This is one of my favourite all time shows and easily the best thing HBO has ever put out making the boxset an essential addition to any home entertainment collection. Featuring all six seasons plus bonus materials, this must-have set is out today the 8th Sept and we have the chance for one lucky winner to win a whole boxset for themselves!


yes that’s right one reader will get a boxset, Im a little jealous of this one so whoever it is I want to make sure is a real fan, and a real fan will be able to answer the following question and email it to me by friday 12th Sept.


What is the name of the horse Tony and Ralphie co-owned?

answers by friday must be emailed to , a random winner will be chosen from all correct answers good luck!

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Interview with trainer Nuno De Salles

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Interview with trainer Nuno De Salles

Posted on 08 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Nuno gym Photo life fitness 2014

Recently we spoke to Nuno De Salles the personal trainer in charge of getting Kit Haringtion and Keither Sutherland screen fit for their new movie Pompeii.

Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

The entertainment industry will contact me when they are challenged with a dramatic physique transformation. Industry heads have referred to me as sculptor for actors physiques. I will mold an actors body to the requests of the director and also collaborate with other departments like wardrobe and stunt department to fulfill the wishes of all the industry heads.
For example in Pompeii I collaborated with not only the directors’ wishes to have Kit Harington looking like a menacing athletic gladiator. I worked with wardrobe to make sure that his abs were well defined in his costume since his abs would be exposed in a key scene of the movie. I also worked with the Stunt Coordinator very closely since this project was high action. He and I would communicate on practically a daily basis and I would tweak my program so that his workouts would not interfere with his stunt training.

How much in advance of filming do you generally get to work with an actor?

It really depends on the project I am working on.
For Pompeii, I met with the Director (Paul W.S Anderson), producers (Jeremy Bolt & Don Carmody) & stunt coordinator (Jean Frenette) 8 weeks before filming.
We discussed the look that they wanted Kit Harington’s physique to be molded into in a 8 week timeframe. They needed him to look lean and athletic, so I explained that within this short timeframe I will need Kit to train 6x/week and be on a specialized meal plan and to take daily supplementation and only then could I guarantee the results they wanted.
As we got closer to the start date for filming we added a new goal. A shirtless scene. This meant I had to keep a very close eye on his training and nutrition.

Is there a difference between looking good on camera and actually being physically fit / muscular in the real world?

Yes there is.
On camera you need to look lean with almost no body fat because that is what the camera loves.
In the real world keeping such a low body fat is not always a healthy option. In fact you might feel & perform better at a higher body fat percentage.
If your main goal is to feel and look good there is no reason to push your body to that extreme.
The challenging aspect of Kit’s training was that he needed to perform demanding stunts as well as look extremely lean.
So we timed it in a way that he would film the physically demanding work at a different time of the shirtless material…

Kit Harington and Keifer Sutherland have come from fairly action based roles into this film did that make things easier in terms of where they were physically ?

Kit had been promoting his show and had not been training much prior to seeing me. So he had put on some weight and was no where near camera ready.
As for Kiefer I worked with him to prepare him for his role of Jack Bauer in 24 filmed in London at the beginning of 2014. He had not been working out either prior to starting with me.
What does make a huge difference is that they are both hard workers and take their craft very seriously which in turn translates into their intensity in the gym.
They are not afraid of the pain required to achieve the results.

How important is diet to your work?

Diet is 80% of the battle!!
I make sure my clients are being monitored all day if their goal is to be as lean as possible.
With Kit and the rest of the cast of Pompeii I had their meals prepared fresh daily controlling their calories (protein to carbohydrate to fat ratios).
They were “not allowed” to eat anything that I did not approve for them.
I managed to be in complete control of their nutrition and workouts and the results speak for themselves.

Do some actors struggle with your program?

I have been working with actors on different movie sets for 12 years and never have I had someone not give me 100%.
I am there to encourage & work with them. Not to make their lives harder…
On top of that the individuals I have worked with have an incredible work ethic & if anything, the problem is that they sometimes work too hard….


Would you have any advice for the average reader looking to get in shape?

Set goals!!
You need to work towards a goal if you want to be successful in the gym. Once you have a “destination” in mind give yourself a time frame to achieve it. Design the best program and nutritional plan and go for it!! Goals are essential they keep you motivated and on track.
Once you reach that specific goal set another goal! Keep challenging yourself!
Keep in mind that the goal must be important to you whatever it might be….Gain muscle or running a marathon or powerlifting competition etc…
If a large goal is to difficult to visualize then set smaller goals and once you achieve that goal set another more challenging goal that competes against the last. In essence, competing against yourself.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment, I am working with my core clientele at my Toronto gym.
However, I have been contacted for several exciting new Film & TV projects starting in 2015 so I am diligently working on designing different exercise & meal programs for those casts.


Pompeii is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 15th and can be pre-ordered here now.

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