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The Iconic Zippo Brand

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The Iconic Zippo Brand

Posted on 28 March 2018 by Chris Ford

Zippo is a brand you probably associate  with their classic clink and ding sound, this iconic look and sound of the flip and ding  made famous in countless classic movies was certainly something even the non-smoking teenager in me wanted so badly when I first saw Vincent Vega light Mia Wallace’s cigarette in Pulp Fiction.

Since then I’ve of course managed to pick up my own Zippo lighter but Zippo now are much more than just a lighter company, here we take a look at what they currently offer.


The 12 Hour Hand Warmer

Let’s face it it’s been really cold lately here in the uk!  And there’s nothing worse than cold hands. Zippo’s hand warmer is pretty simple but effective you fill the cup, Light the burner then enjoy warm hands for up to 12 hours.


The Flask

Zippo’s stainless steel flask would make an excellent gift for the best man at your wedding or gift for a friend. With the classic Zippo branding this stainless steel 3-ounce flask comes with a secured lid (m so no loosing that screw top lid!) If the hand warmer doesn’t keep the cold out a short nip of Whisky from this certainly will!


The Card Holder

In this increasingly cashless world the Card holder is a welcome answer to many a gentlemen’s prayers.  Made from leather with five card slots with a transparent pocket for photo ID this is a great way to keep those suit pockets slender and keep you looking sharp.


The Money Clip Wallet

Of course if you want or need to carry cash as well as cards you will need a wallet, Zippo have come up with this nifty money clip wallet, the leather wallet features an internal money clip to hold your notes as well as six slots for your cards.

For more info on Zippos range of products and to browse their quite frankly massive collection of lighters head over to







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EYEDOO Prescription Glasses online

EYEDOO Prescription Glasses online

Posted on 31 March 2017 by Chris Ford

The online prescription glasses game seems to have expanded so much in recent times. When I first bought a pair online a few years ago it was a new strange thing to do – much like ordering your weekly shop online, people were used to going into an actual store to select their specs.

As I say, I’ve done this before with a few companies with mixed results. The thing is you still need to go to an opticians to get your prescription and in my experience they are not too open to the idea of just sending you on your way to buy online.

One way they try to hinder this is by not giving you the pupil distance measurement (something it seems they don’t legally have to tell you). This is really quite annoying and one of the reasons a lot of people are put off online specs as to measure yourself seems a bit daunting. So let me tell you about my wonderful experience with Eyedoo and what they ‘doo’ (get it?)

Eyedoo have a range of both regular frames and sunglasses frames, ordering online was really simple. I selected the frames I fancied, uploaded a snap of my prescription card and that was it.  Now coming back to that pupil measurement, Eyedoo have a rather clever solution to get this.  They ask you take a selfie with your driver’s licence or credit card held under your nose and email it to them, from this they are able to work out your correct pupil distance. Clever eh?

So I ordered my glasses on Friday morning and amazingly Monday morning they arrived on my desk. I’m really very pleased with the glasses and the service, another big player in the game took a couple of weeks to get my specs last time I ordered them so this is amazing service.  My order came to just under £55 delivered which is fantastic value.

As an added bonus by buying your glasses from Eyedoo you are giving back too, as 5% of every purchase is  donated to Vision Care for Homeless People, a charity set up to provide eye care services to homeless and other vulnerable people in an accessible and friendly environment in which they feel safe, welcome and comfortable. Great idea.


Eyedoo can be found at



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Review : Casio Ediface Smart Watch

Review : Casio Ediface Smart Watch

Posted on 15 March 2017 by Chris Ford

Recently Casio sent us over one of their new range of Smart watches to check out – the Casio Edifice EQB-500DB. Here what we thought after a week’s use.

First of all the Edifice isn’t what I would call a traditional smart watch, actually it has more in common with a traditional watch but with a little tech built in.

The Edifice has a striking blue analogue face with a steel bracelet and outer case making it look very much in place in a professional environment. Some smart watches would like a bit out of place with a suit on, no problems here.


The tech inside has some interesting uses, the main one being its solar powered, so no need to change the battery or stick it on charge which amazes me for something with a Bluetooth connection.

Second – and my favourite feature – is the Global time sync. The watch automatically syncs the time to the time zone you are in so perfect for someone that travels a lot.

Talking of time zones, there is actually a second dial on the watch to set up with your preferred zone so you still know the time at home, again ideal for globetrotters.

Alarms can be setup on the watch via the connected app on your phone (both IOS and Android are compatible) and once set and sent to the watch you don’t need your phone nearby for the alarm to work. I found this particular handy in meetings when I had left my phone on my desk but the watch reminded me when I had to wrap things up.

All in all the Edifice is a solidly built watch that has some cool ‘smart’ features while retaining that classic look. Perfect for travellers and techies alike.

The Casio Edifice EQB-500DB has a rrp of £325.00  for more info head over to


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Antler Delta C1 Case – Perfect Ryanair Companion

Antler Delta C1 Case – Perfect Ryanair Companion

Posted on 13 January 2016 by Chris Ford

For years I only flew with the likes of British Airways and other so-called premium airlines so my only experience with budget airlines were the tales of hassle and hidden charges that I heard from friends and colleagues. This, I thought, I do not need.
Recently though, I wanted to go somewhere faithful BA didn’t fly to, a Czech town called Brno. In fact only two airlines fly there from the UK and Ryanair was who we ended up booking with.

Having read the Ryanair rules, it became apparent that they are a lot tighter when it comes to the size of bag you can bring aboard than BA. And as I like to travel with hand luggage only this meant I needed a new bag that fit within the Ryanair criteria. Here they are…
You can carry one cabin bag weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 on-board the aircraft. So upon a bit of research I came upon the Antler B1 Case.
First of all the Antler website is very helpful, they actually have a filter which lets you tick the airline you are traveling with and will then display the cases that are suitable which makes things all very painless.

I selected the Antler Delta C1 case for a number of reasons, I wanted something sturdy that wasn’t going to fall apart after a few trips and Antler offer a 10-year Warranty on their cases which gave me the peace of mind it’s going to last. I also wanted a case with four casters and a combination lock (key locks are annoying and a combo lock allows me to put my valuables in my case in the hotel and feel safe the cleaner isn’t having a nose around my stuff!) Casters – well four means you can just glide the case along the airport floor, which after a long day traveling you really appreciate.


Above while at the airport I thought I would make sure my case did actually fit the Ryanair luggage box.

Well now I’m back from my trip I have to say I’m very impressed with the case, it’s well-made easy to transport, compact and I was actually surprised how much I managed to get in there in the end with a bit of clever packing.
The case is really lightweight and made out of high strength nylon that I’m confident can take some knocks.
Finally, the price. Before Christmas the Antler C1 was £136.00 but currently Antler have it in their sale for the bargain price of £67.50. Snap one up while you can!

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WRANGLER & LEATHERMAN Jean Collaboration

WRANGLER & LEATHERMAN Jean Collaboration

Posted on 04 January 2016 by Chris Ford

I missed this first time around but it seems WRANGLER & LEATHERMAN for second time are teaming up to produce a Jean collaboration which is perfect for you manly men out there!
The collaboration sees contemporary and classic denim styles from Wrangler reworked to be twice as strong as regular jeans and water resistant, alongside a limited edition Leatherman Piranha 2 tool finished in antique copper to match the iconic Wrangler jean rivets – the ultimate gift for the outdoors adventurer.


Combining style and functionality, Wrangler’s contemporary regular fit, Greensboro, have been introduced to Wrangler X Leatherman for the first time alongside Wrangler’s classic Texas style in regular fit, both available in a dark and lighter washes.


Reinforced front pockets on the co-branded jeans feature a bespoke pouch for Leatherman’s Piranha 2, a one-piece tool ideal for everyday adventures. Made from a single piece of heat-treated steel, it’s a quick fix for loose bike screws and bolts or for popping open a bottle of beer with friends.


Wrangler x Leatherman brings to life Wrangler’s Born Ready philosophy – a commitment to create innovative products that push the boundaries of denim in order to add value to the lives of the wearer. Designed with city dwellers in mind, Wrangler’s products enable those who love to escape to the outdoors whenever they get the chance to wear products that help them transition easily from city to country and from work to adventure, all without compromising on style.

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Is Tweed Back?

Is Tweed Back?

Posted on 16 June 2015 by Chris Ford

unnamedTweed seems to be having something of a resurgance of late with the likes of  Model David Gandy and rapper Tinie Tempah favouring the fabric. In fact Mr Tempah ( or do we call him Tinie?)  has  paired up with Patrick Grant for the design of his London Collections: Men outfit.


“It looks urban, it’s got a hint of the double yellow line about it, and the grey of the London skyline on a dreary day.” Says Patrick Grant.

This shows tweeds versatility and ability to be adapted to suit any style.

So Tweed is shaking off its stuffy image? certainly seems so!


If you think like Tinie can pull off the Tweed look I suggest popping over to A.Hume who have a wide range of lightweight tweeds perfect for the summer season.


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T.M. Lewin Global Style.

Posted on 15 February 2015 by Eddie

This week I was sent a new (easy iron) shirt and tie courtesy of T.M. Lewin. I was impressed by the quality, from the double cuff for cuff links to the removable collar stiffeners, considering that I mail ordered it the fit was spot on too. The tie was 100% silk and nice and thick.

This is part of T.M. Lewin’s new range influenced by the six key fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona

This seemed like a good opportunity to show that Liverpool Fashion goes beyond shell suits and football kits.

In light of the launch, there is an online competition to win one of the City outfits every two weeks. Each entrant will also be entered into a prize draw to win a trip to their city of choice. Entering is really easy, you just need to Tweet, Instagram or upload a picture of you wearing some T.M Lewin product using the hashtag #tmglobalstyle

Please follow these links to buy The Shirt or The Tie as shown in the below pictures. #tmglobalstyle




Images copyright GMH Photography 2015


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A Mans Guide To Buying Lingerie

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A Mans Guide To Buying Lingerie

Posted on 12 December 2014 by Chris Ford

Its one of those tricky things often lampooned in tv and film but quite true, us men for the most part while well intentioned really haven’t got a clue what to look for when buying lingerie for our loved ones.

BA_Jesse Babydoll Red-68_finalv1 LR

First off the bat  size,  I mean what size actually is she? we cant walk into a store holding up our hands saying ” this big”  you actually need to know!  then there’s style yes you might want to go for the sexy looking red and black silk number but will she actually wear or want it?

mens buying guide

but fear not women’s  lingerie retailer Boux Avenue have put together a guide to help you through this tricky purchase and hopefully get something she will love and appreciate

Boux Aveune’s Lingerie Buying Guide for Men


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Timberland 5 Gifts for Christmas

Posted on 08 December 2014 by Eddie


What do you get the guy who has everything? This is the perennial problem this time of year. Here are some ideas from the guys at Timberland across a good selection of prices.

Men’s Oak Hill Beach Check Scarf (£36.00)


Crafted from soft, pure-wool in an on-trend check, this Oak Hill Beach Scarf has a country-casual vibe – perfect for keeping out the cold on woodland walks or trips to the seaside. The lively pattern looks great teamed with plain jackets in a wide variety of situations.

Men’s Breakwater Beach Pattern Gift Box (£48.00)


Going one better than a scarf is obviously a hat and scarf, this wool-blend Breakwater Beach matching hat and scarf fits the bill. The smart, patterned set looks as good on the daily commute as on adventurous day trips. Complete the coordinated winter look by matching with luxe-feel sweaters from the Timberland® winter collection.

Alton Tablet Sleeve (£8.00)


If you are just after a stocking filler (the sort of stockings that can be opened in front of the rest of the family) The Alton accessories collection features water-resistant protection for your personal electronics in bright colours. Protect your tablet in sleek outdoor-inspired style with this padded and lined tablet sleeve.

Men’s Long Sleeve Claremont Oxford Shirt (£42.00)


This basic oxford shirt’s easy to match, comfy to wear and crafted to last. For style that’s both casual and polished, button this up to greet the day with confidence. Classic shirts like this are timeless and should last ages.

Men’s Williams River V-Neck Sweater (£52.00)


A great basic to slot into your winter wardrobe. This piece is given a distinctive edge by subtle attention to detail; a ribbed hem and cuffs and a flattering v-neck. The perfect layer between your tee and jacket to boost your warmth when the temperature drops, great for wearing in the office when the temperature drops (or when someone else has control of the AC).


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The iRudolph Christmas Jumper

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The iRudolph Christmas Jumper

Posted on 05 December 2014 by Chris Ford

All Christmas jumpers are not made equal, and while Im sure many will be sitting around the dinner table in their Rudolph jumpers how many of them will have a light up pattern changing nose?  well you could be that person!


MorphCostumes, the brains behind the famous Morphsuit, has joined forces with Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day to launch a knitted Christmas jumper with a digital twist.

The “Snowglobe Rudolph Nose Knitted Christmas Jumper” has been designed specifically for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 12th December in a bid to ‘make the world better with a sweater’ this festive season. MorphCostumes will donate £2.50 from the sale of every jumper sold online via the Morph Costumes website, and £1.50 from the sale of every jumper sold through trade to Save the Children.

The tech savvy seasonal sweater can be brought to life through the use of integrated smartphone wearable technology. A pouch located on the inner lining allows users to slot a smartphone in to the jumper to reveal an animation of Rudolph’s magical ‘snowglobe’ nose. In order to activate the ‘snowglobe’ animation, users simply need to download the free MorphCostumes ‘Digital Dudz’ app, available on android and iPhone devices, and select from the list of pre-set animations.  

The “Snowglobe Rudolph Nose Knitted Christmas Jumper” is available to purchase for £35.99 via the MorphCostumes website:



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