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Posted on 30 September 2016 by Chris Ford

Yesterday we told you about the excellent events Woodford Reserve have planned for London Cocktail week and today I want to talk about my second favourite tipple, Gin!

The Botanist – the first and only Islay Dry Gin – is partnering with Blixen bar to showcase a range of delicious, foraged cocktails during London Cocktail Week. The Botanist is also challenging other  bartenders from across the country to create their own foraged cocktail, introducing and encouraging a ‘Taste of Foraged Britain’.


Following an immersive foraging expedition with an expert forager and The Botanist’s Brand Ambassador – Abigail Clephane, Blixen’s bartenders were challenged to produce an innovative cocktail that would reflect their wild side. Each uncovered a range of ingredients on their doorsteps and infused these with The Botanist Gin in order to create foraged syrups, all using The Botanist Infuser (a handmade, state-of-the-art tool, being used for one of the first times in the realm of mixology in the UK). Blixen’s cocktail will be on offer throughout London Cocktail Week, priced at £5 for festival pass holders.


From Three Six Six – also in London, Mr Cooper’s in Manchester and The Milk Thistle in Bristol, to The Finnieston in Glasgow and The Bon Vivant in Edinburgh, bartenders will also use The Botanist Infuser in a bid to have their cocktail creation featured on Blixen’s menu during London Cocktail Week.


For the even more adventurous, Blixen will also play host to The Botanist cocktail master classes – also led by Abigail Clephane. Two one-hour cocktail masterclasses will take place on Wednesday 5th (4pm) and Friday 7th September (5pm) in Blixen’s Garden – a beautiful sanctuary with plant-entwined pergolas, mirroring the foraged nature of The Botanist. Priced at £15, register for tickets via the London Cocktail Week website.






Posted on 29 September 2016 by Chris Ford

Woodford Reserve, the small batch craft bourbon, brings you ‘The Woodford Alliance’, a pop up experience that brings the worlds best bars and their cocktails to London  As part of London Cocktail Week 2016.


Each evening Woodford Reserve will partner with two leading bars, one from London and one international, combining the best-loved elements of each bar in one venue.

Each night the dressing, experience, staff and bar menu will change, with the drinks list including two of each bar’s most iconic Woodford Reserve drinks. Light bites, based on the bars’ menus, will be served,whilst specially curated music playlists from the bars run through the evening.


On Tuesday you  will be treated to a partnership between London’s epochal hidden away speakeasy, Nightjar and Stockholm’s New Orleans-inspired Little Quarter. Wednesday will host TimeOut’s ‘Bar of the Year’ 2016, The Punch Room, with New York’s Lower East Side cocktail bar, inspired by the typical British pub, The Suffolk Arms. Finally, Thursday will pair the quirky and experimental Peg + Patriot, with the rich history of Amsterdam’s finest offering, The Tailor.



The events will take place at the White Rabbit Studios, 471-473, The Arches, Dereham Place, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3HJ on Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October from 5pm.


See you at the bar!




Current Trends for Finding a Job in 2016

Current Trends for Finding a Job in 2016

Posted on 29 September 2016 by Chris Ford

The job market has become a common headache for many young people with many complaining that it has become harder to find a job. This is due to the rapidly changing trends in job search and the automation of many existing jobs. Jobs that once needed manpower to be done are now being done by computers and machines. Furthermore, nowadays jobs that used to require ten people can now be efficiently done by one person operating a machine. This has led to a scarcity of job opportunities, and many jobs have now become competitive. So the big question is, what does it take to get a job in 2016?

Find a Job in 2016

What everyone should know is that job opportunities are always available. However, finding them is not always an easy task since the competition is intense. Therefore, before starting to look for something it is important to understand the right approach to searching and finding a job. Days of sending printed CV’s and relying on word of mouth for vacancies are long gone. In 2016 the job search is digital. First, you need to know how to use the Internet to its full potential to find the latest job openings and trending job search tools that are used by companies to advertise for jobs. One such tool is Jobrapido, which could be extremely helpful in finding jobs in the major cities in the UK, such as Manchester. Upon logging in, you will have an access to numerous job listings and receive notifications once new jobs get uploaded to the website.

Find a Job in 2016

Another important thing one should keep in mind while searching for a job in 2016 is embracing the change that has come with the new trends. It’s advisable to think how to move on from the traditional CV written in times new roman containing plain information. Instead it is important to incorporate things like achievement charts and tables. A resume is not just about the qualifications; it’s also about the presentation. There are many companies nowadays that offer resume writing services, which can be a good idea.


In 2016 it is very important to network since due to the Internet accessibility the world has become one big village. Online exist many talent community websites where one can meet all sorts of people, even for example managers of big companies and potential employers scouting for new employees, thus being active and interacting with others is crucial when it comes to these communities. Remember, sometimes it’s not only about the present but also future employment opportunities.


Finally, the most important feature of finding a job in 2016 is the skills possessed. Skills are crucial and can sometimes play a more important role than diplomas and qualifications. That is why it is important to acquire some kind of work experience before hand, which one can do through voluntary work and internships, for example. These might seem as time wasting activities, but in reality they can help you to build your career through real work experience.


If carefully followed, the above-listed trends and tips can be very helpful in ensuring a positive outcome when it comes to acquiring a new job.



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Artificial Intelligence in the Business World

Posted on 23 September 2016 by Chris Ford

Artificial Intelligence in the Business World
Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of machines to effectively do what human beings do in order to make our lives easier. AI can help save time and resources in every field, from household chores to the business field.


History of AI

AI has always been of interest to humans since ancient times, but it is only in the 1950s that the technology seemed to be even remotely within reach. Breakthroughs had given scientists a lot of information on how the brain worked in the 40s and the 50s, thus giving rise to the possibility of creating an electronic brain or a thinking machine. The term “artificial intelligence” was first used in the US in 1956 at a conference in Dartmouth. This conference is the key point at which the field of artificial intelligence was formally created and is credited as being the birth of AI.

AI in business

Artificial intelligence software solutions, such as those offered by Expertsystem for instance, are being used more and more in the business field. Though originally the technology was too expensive and difficult to obtain for most companies, that has changed with time. Now most middle-level companies can afford to use AI to make their businesses more cost-effective and efficient. For example, the automobile industry has made ample use of AI by embedding them in vehicles to produce driverless cars. Another example of widespread use of AI is how data is processed in marketing by analysing consumption patterns.

Achieving the best from AI systems

One major drawback to the way AI is currently used in industry these days is that it is not holistic. There is often a lack of integration between different entities due to lack of resources and knowledge. In order to obtain full benefits of AI, it is important that the complete data is input and integrated. Goals must also be very clear because no matter how intelligent, these systems remain machines and are programmed to think in linear ways.

Threats of AI

AI has contributed to many scares in governments, industries, and the general public. One of the biggest fears of common people is that if everything gets automated, then humans would become redundant, and by extension, there would be mass unemployment. And then, there is the Frankenstein-like creature, ever ready to devour humans and destroy our cities. There is also fear of some jobs being wiped out altogether.


But despite these worries, the fact remains that the fear mongering regarding AI is but a natural resistance to change. AI will definitely force a social change and some people will not like it. But in the end, this too will be giving us a social change in the same way as the invention of the reviled pill in the early 1900s completely changed the life of women everywhere and forced a major social change. Thinking of providing solutions to these possible problems will require a shift in our collective thinking.



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There’s A Beer For That at Picturehouse

There’s A Beer For That at Picturehouse

Posted on 16 September 2016 by Chris Ford

There’s A Beer For That, the campaign that aims to reignite Britain’s love of beer, and Picturehouse, the independent cinema chain has launched an exclusive partnership offering cinema-goers food and beer pairing sessions, aimed at educating and creating interest in the quality, diversity and versatility of beer when enjoyed with great food and film.


We were invited along to the launch of the Picturehouse partnership and were treated to some fantastic beer and food combos while guided through the matches by beer sommelier Annabel Smith, heres a short video we captured of Annabel talking about the history behind the Pale Ale and some of the flavours you can expect from it.

The partnership with Picturehouse will run until early next year across all 23 Picturehouse Cinema locations around the country. With over 50 food and beer pairing events, people are given the chance to explore the many different styles of beer available, whilst also creating an exciting opportunity to learn more about food and beer pairing through Picturehouse`s knowledgable staff and bespoke food and beer menu recommendations.

annabell smith - There's A Beer For That

There's A Beer For That

For more information on the upcoming events or if you just want a beer matching recommendation head over to


About There’s A Beer For That

There’s A Beer For That is a campaign backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, here to show you that you don’t just have to have the same again, because there’s over 140 styles, and over 12,000 high quality beers to choose from. Ale, amber, bitter, blonde, lager, porter, pilsner, strong… Our brewers and pubs do us proud.

It’s a great time to be a beer drinker. A wave of innovation has swept through the country, bringing with it exciting new brands and a fresh take on classic styles, adding a modern twist to our heritage of brewing quality beer.

If you’re looking for a bit of advice on your next beer,they arehere to help. Find them over on Twitter,  sign up to receive their newsletter, or head over to their blog to shine a light on the people and the stories behind your favourite pints.


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In DIY Hell I found BidVine

In DIY Hell I found BidVine

Posted on 13 September 2016 by Chris Ford

I’ve never been very good at DIY. If I’m honest, it’s quite possible I can mess up hanging a photo on the wall, so I tend to avoid jobs that need doing around the house and just hope they will go away.

Recently I moved in with my girlfriend though and things needed to be done. IKEA furniture needed assembling, mirrors needed hanging, locks needed fitting. My girlfriend turned to me, assuming I could handle that sort of thing. So I turned to the Internet, assuming someone on there was more capable than me!


With a bit of searching I found a website called It’s a portal to unite people like me that need a skilled person with that skilled person. I post the work I would like done and the skilled people can see that job and bid for the work. It’s actually a very simple easy process.

I placed my ad on Bidvine and within a few hours already had three bids for the job, Yes it really was that easy!


I ended up going with Rana from Green City Handyman, not because he was the cheapest but because he was clear and polite and gave me confidence that he was able to do the work – after all if I want a flat pack put up badly I’m quite capable of doing that!

We arranged a time and day that was suitable for me and as promised Rana arrived on time to carry out the work which was all done as agreed. We are really happy with the service from both Rana and Bidvine.


Bidvine isn’t just limited to DIY tasks, anyone with a skill to offer can sign up their services, fancy learning to play guitar?  Why not see if there’s someone in your area providing lessons? Or need a personal trainer? You can find someone you like the sound of, at a price that suits you.

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Krušovice Tank Beer has arrived!

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Krušovice Tank Beer has arrived!

Posted on 02 September 2016 by Chris Ford

Ever since my first visit to Prague ten years ago I have been a massive fan of Czech beer, especially the Pilsners.

The pale lager takes its name from the town of Pilsen where the style was first brewed, and today, the world’s most popular lagers take inspiration from that original beer.

Krušovice Tank Beer

In the Czech Republic there are many breweries –  some big, some small – but one that’s never seemed to make it to the UK until now is Krušovice.

In 2014, Krušovice was named the World’s ‘Best Czech Pilsner’, beating 16 other Czech Pilsners, 29 from Germany, in addition to other Pilsners from Asia and the Americas.

So I was excited when I found out the brand is now available in the UK, even more so when I found it is in tank form!


What is tank beer? Good question. Well, as the name suggests, instead of traditional kegs the beer is stored in large tanks above the bar.

Krušovice Tank Beer

The idea is after filtration & pasteurisation at Krušovice Royal Brewery, the beer is pumped directly into a chilled stainless steel tanker and transported to the UK. Once in the UK that chilled fresh beer is pumped from tanker to the bars own tank.  During this process the beer has no contact with sunlight or CO2, guaranteeing the freshest best tasting beer.

Where Can you try Krušovice Tank Beer? There are currently five sites around the country service up the brewery fresh goodness:


In the interest of research we popped along to the Neighbourhood bar in Stratford to see how Krušovice tank beer measured up and quite frankly we were blown away by the results!

Krušovice Tank Beer

Krušovice Tank Beer

The beer taste fresh, and so much more flavoursome than your average Pilsner coming ice cold out the tank it was the perfect antidote to the scorching sunny days we have been having lately. We shall most certainly be back!






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Posted on 02 September 2016 by Chris Ford

There’s an age-old tradition at the Jack Daniel distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee; employees are gifted a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on the first Friday of the month as a thank you for all their hard work. and while not a free bottle, Jack Daniels have a rather cool promotion this month in the tradition of Jack Friday.

Jack Daniels - Jack Friday


On Friday nights throughout September Jack Daniels have joined forces with some of the best curators around including the award-winning mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana, the renowned live music curator of ‘This Feeling’ fame Mikey Jonns,  MEATLiquor restaurants and some of the coolest venues up and down the country to make Fridays a little bit more special.

Jack Daniels - Jack Friday

below is everything you need to know about the events taking place:

Jack Friday nights at Old Street Records (London)

Old Street Records will host Jack Friday events every Friday in September, with the first 20 consumers through the doors at each event receiving a complimentary Jack Daniel’s cocktail when hash tagging #JackFriday. They’ve even created a bespoke twist on the Lynchburg Lemonade cocktail for the occasion too.

Jack Friday night at The Blackbird (Edinburgh)

The Blackbird will play host to an exciting Jack Friday event on the 9th September, where consumers will be treated to delicious Jack-inspired food and Old No.7 Lynchburg Lemonades before enjoying a night of live music from local heroes The 10.04’s.

Jack Friday at MEATLiquor restaurants (nationwide)

MEATLiquor restaurants nationwide will sell a ‘Jack Palace’ burger, combining their deliciously juicy beef patty with buttered onions marinated with the distinctive character of Jack available throughout September. The first 20 consumers to purchase the Jack Palace burger each Friday night will receive a complimentary Jack Daniel’s cocktail with their order. MEATLiquor Leeds will also play host to a Jack Friday night with live music on the 23rd September.

Jack Friday with Ryan Chetiyawardana at White Lyan (London)

The renowned mixologist will create a limited edition Jack Daniel’s sharing serve for White Lyan bar. What’s more, White Lyan will be hosting a ‘secret gig’ at the bar on the 30th September.

Friday’s in September just got a little bit more exciting!!

Jack Daniels - Jack Friday



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