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Posted on 15 August 2013 by Chris Ford

Last week I sampled a  couple of things from Proactiv Cleansing, they are great quality products I think you will really enjoy, heres the run down:

PROACTIV Cleansing Bar


Boast skin that’s clear and radiant with this effective exfoliating cleansing bar

Packed with skin clearing, hydrating and exfoliating actives it will remove dirt and excess oil, and unclog pores to leave the face and body radiant, and glowing.

Proactiv Cleansing Bar with 1% Salicylic Acid whisks away excess oil, dead skin cells and impurities as it unclogs pores – working to clear blemishes and preventing future outbreaks. This cleansing treatment combines micro-beads with a proprietary blend of ingredients to boost exfoliation, keeping pores free from debris and skin smooth and refined.

This amazing bar produces a high foaming lather, derived from coconut oil to leave the skin squeaky clean without the unnecessary pore-clogging residue that other soaps can leave behind.

Soap-free, surfactant-free and free of any harsh detergents, use morning (and night) for clearer skin.

£14.99  from Boots.com

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Body Wash 


Combines up-to-the-minute technology that like the Cleansing bar also contains Salicylic Acid to help unclog your pores.

The body wash has been formulated to help clear blemishes and soothe inflammation on the back, neck, shoulders and upper arms.

This highly effective treatment will also help with shaving rash, an irritating and uncomfortable challenge for most of us men!

Co-developed by leading US dermatologists Katie Rodan MD and Kathy Fields MD this fabulous triple-

action body wash will work hard to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells, and impurities, helping to

prevent future breakouts. Salicylic Acid will help to unclog, purify and refine pores, clearing blemishes and

preventing whiteheads and blackheads. Gentle exfoliating beads will help to remove dead skin cells, dirt

and grime to reveal fresh healthy skin and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice will hydrate and soothe the skin so

that it never feels tight or dry.

Non-irritating and dermatologist tested, this fabulous body wash is perfect for all skin types, is unisex and

is effective against adult and teen breakouts. Apply to dampened skin and gently massage; then rinse

with warm water.

Available from www.Boots.com for £19.99

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VitaMan Skin Pod

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VitaMan Skin Pod

Posted on 17 May 2013 by Chris Ford

I like to travel as much as possible but when I do I’m often on one of those budget airlines where luggage space is a little on the tight side, I stopped taking a full size was bag with me a while back as it just took up too much room, and the products within were all full size as that’s all you can really buy in supermarkets and is really OTT for a few days away.

So a few weeks ago I was packing to go to Philadelphia for a short break and I decided I needed a more compact solution for my toiletries and upon looking came across the VitaMan Skin Pod

Instead of the usual oblong shape of most toiletry bags this is kind of a flat square which is surprisingly usefully for squeezing into the tiniest places in your luggage.

The Skin Pod comes with the following included :

Vita Man Face Scrub 50Ml

Vita Man Face Mud Masque 50ML

Vita Man Face Moistener 50ML


So pretty much all the products you will need for a well balanced skin routine, there’s also a nice bit of space in there where I managed to get in a folding toothbrush and toothpaste which left me pretty much set for my trip, I thoroughly recommend checking out the Skin Pod if you like to keep up a good skin routine like I do.

For more info on the Vita Man Skin Pod and the other great products they have on offer head over to








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Freshen up with Manatomicals

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Freshen up with Manatomicals

Posted on 02 April 2013 by Chris Ford

Up until recently most shower gel products I found were mainly aimed at women  and alot are citrus like smells which are fine and I use them but its nice when a product line comes along focused at men for men.

A offshoot of the popular Anatomicals line these are pocket friendly products that looks and smell great. In fact having used a few of the shower gels over the last couple of weeks they really feel and look like a quality product it doesn’t seem like its a budget line where often its glaringly obvious that you get what you pay for.


the packaging design is bright cool and modern and doesn’t look out of place in the modern style conscious bathroom , each product is also covered has a quirky product description. This week I have been using the Manatomicals ‘Young Free and Tingle Wake Up Hair & Body Wash’  and it certainly wakes you up! , I cant pinpoint the fragrance but it certainly wakes you up and smells good, in fact I haven’t used another shower gel quite like this and at less than £3 a tube its a complete winner in my book.

The  Manatomicals line is available now from Waitrose and Boots Stores nationwide



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WIN ! [3D]MENSION from Schwarzkopf Professional

Posted on 08 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Increasingly us Men care more about the products we use and don’t just grab the cheapest easiest thing on the supermarket shelf,  we are looking for quality products designed for Men and our needs and thats exactly what Schwarzkopf  have done with their new [3D]MENSION range, aiming to cover the three hair care essentials [1] care, [2] styling and [3] colour.



Schwarzkopf  have developed a comprehensive range of products in all three categories and have been kind enough to offer three lucky  readers a goodie bag with the following products from their [3D]MENSION range:


Deep Cleansing Shampoo worth £9.25  – for scrupulously clean hair, this deep cleanser removes styling residues thoroughly and reliably.

Texturising Cream  worth £9.25   – for short, medium length hair, this styling cream creates texture and definition without a trace of a greasy shine

Strong Hold Gel worth £9.45     – extreme hold for razor-sharp styles.

So want to win these fantastic products?   Well you have three chances, one winner will be chosen from each of the following:

1. Mailing List –  Sign up to our mailing list

2. Leave a comment on this post

3. Follow us on Twitter at @GentlemensGoods  and look out for our special Tweet,  retweet that and you could win

The Competition closes on Sunday 17th June when we will randomly select three winners who will recieve the awesome products above.

for more information on [3D]MENSION and to see the full range head over to www.schwarzkopf-professional.com


Well done to the winners Steve Kennedy, Tim Chamberlain and Steve Phillips your 3D Mension goodies will be in the post to you shortly

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Recipe For Men

Posted on 28 May 2012 by Chris Ford

Recipe for men is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2003. Jonas Wikstrom
who had a background in skincare got together with his friends Jesper Matsch,
Jesper Ronnback and Mikael Snabb – a mix of economists and alpine skiers.
They all met together through sports and this is how they saw the niche for a
men’s skincare brand as they found that other brands did not provide enough
moisture for their skin with their energetic lifestyles. In addition, they were
frequently outdoors, exposed to the sun everyday as well as the harsh climate of
Sweden. Recipe for Men is a highly intuitive, easy to use men’s skincare concept
with excellent moisturising properties and protection properties.
The line has been continuously tested on a focus group consisting of 60 men in
Sweden of different ages and with different lifestyles. The group has had a huge
influence on the product development process, both in terms of function and in
terms of conceptual qualities. The result was a modern, logical men’s skincare
line based on the highest quality ingredients available. Recipe for men is now
sold in 16 countries worldwide.









The range consists of a Facial Cleanser; Facial Scrub; Ultra Sensitive Shaving
Foam; Clear Shaving Gel; Facial Moisturizer; Under Eye Gel; Anti Blemish Cover
Stick; Concealer in Light/Med/Dark; Alcohol free Antiperspirant Deodorant; Super
Smooth Body Cream; Ultra Clean Shower Gel; 3 Way White Gift Bag and the 3
Way Red Gift Bag: Prices range from £15 to £30 for the products and £55 – 65
for the gift sets.









Available exclusively at www.beautyworkswest.com in the UK

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Sranrom Launch Grooming Range for Men

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Sranrom Launch Grooming Range for Men

Posted on 21 February 2012 by Chris Ford

Sranrom are delighted to introduce their first collection just for men; True Spirit. Specifically developed to help moisturise and revitalise tired masculine skin. Containing natural revivers, including Imperata Cylindric, Aloe Vera and Guava leaf extract, the True Spirit range includes the following five products:


Facial Scrub – A zesty and energizing scrub that gives your skin a new lease of life. The oil free base helps cleanse and tone, giving you a more vibrant appearance. Formulated from natural exfoliators, the scrub unblocks pores and helps the skin to replenish itself.

Soothing Facial Moisturiser – A natural, non-greasy cream that is ideal for applying after shaving. The masculine scent has been blended from woody essential oils and mixed with citrus extracts to complete the refreshing formula.

Shaving Cream – A fusion of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Bergamot oils helps to restore and infuse energy into your day and skin. Aloe Vera is added to help combat skin irritation and is great for sensitive skin.


Moisturising Body Lotion – This light, non-greasy lotion is great for application after bathing, helping to give your skin long lasting protection. The lotion is formulated to lift your spirits as well as improving the texture and feel of your skin.


Combined Hair & Body Wash – An energising, wood-scented hair and body wash; its invigorating ingredients cleanse without taking moisture from the skin or hair. Using naturally potent essential oils and herbal extracts, the wash helps lift your energy levels through its stimulating aromatherapeutic properties.


Available in Fenwick stores
Prices starting from £10

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Posted on 20 February 2012 by Chris Ford

The Gentry Grooming Co have come up with a fantastic way to Keep your skin looking in tip top condition while on the road or travelling.

THE SHAVE IN A BAG, £17.95 contains The 3D Shave System (100ml) a genius 3-in-1 Shave Cream, Shave Oil and Moisturiser that can be used without water, with an electric or manual razor, infused with Black Pepper & Mint, The Face Cloth and The Expert Shave Guide in a Stylish Black Hessian Drawstring Bag.
This is perfect for travelling or as I have been keeping mine in my locker at work – along with a razor so I can look sharp when going out after work, which is rather handy.

Stockists: www.gentrygrooming.com / www.very.co.uk / www.feelunique.com /
www.washbag.com / www.theenglishshavingcompany.com / and The Gentry Grooming Co Salons

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Sponsored video: Learn how to seduce with Expert James Charm

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Sponsored video: Learn how to seduce with Expert James Charm

Posted on 15 February 2012 by Chris Ford

This week we had the single Gentleman’s  nemesis – Valentines Day.  Although does any man really enjoy Valentines Day?

If you are single you may feel alone and  unfulfilled, hearing the plans of all your colleagues and friends for their special night,  if you are with someone you have all the stress of curating a perfect evening to please your loved one and show you care.

The thing is though ultimately we all want to find that special someone and as they say first impressions count!

But fear not men’s fragrance Joop! Homme have sponsored a series of videos presented by seduction expert James Charm who will guide you onto the right  path to woo the object of your desire.

Take a look at the latest video here


Joop Homme itself  has  marvellous  rich citrus scent and since I started wearing it this week in place of my normal scent I have been getting constant remarks from both men and women asking what I was wearing, a definite winner and looks destined to replace my 5 year love affair with Issey Miyake!



sponsored by Joop


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Aldo Coppola’s Ultimate Man Package

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Aldo Coppola’s Ultimate Man Package

Posted on 14 October 2011 by Chris Ford

It’s no longer unusual for me to hear from male friends that they have just been for a manicure or a massage , it seems a simple shave and shower is no longer enough for the discerning gentleman in world led by David Beckham and the new man.

To ensure every man has the opportunity to look and feel like a A lister  London-based luxury hair and beauty spa Aldo Coppola has launched a new bespoke grooming package, just for men and they invited me to experience the package for myself.


Longer working hours, stress, city pollution and UVA damage all contribute to dehydrated skin, uneven pigmentation and fine lines, as well as prematurely grey hair. Aldo Coppola’s Ultimate Man Package is a winning combination of treatments that address all these issues, leaving any man restored and revitalised.


The treatment combination includes an anti-ageing face and eye treatment to smooth away fine lines and rehydrate the skin, followed by a hand and nail treatment, completed with a hair colour, cut and style.


The face and eye treatment draws upon Aldo Coppola’s renowned Fusion Mesotherapy techniques to deliver visible results. This gentle and non-invasive treatment begins with cleansing and massage before the Fusion Mesotherapy machine is used to transmit topical products deeper into the skin’s layers, thanks to radio frequency waves.

This increases the skin’s temperature, which stimulates collagen production and skin tightening, helping to reduce dark circles and under-eye bags, and smooth away wrinkles and expression lines. The treatment concludes with a relaxing shoulder massage, to ease away any remaining tension. I really enjoyed this treatment, it was so relaxing in fact that I think I fell alsleep for a few minutes!


No well-groomed man should be seen with rough, dry hands and split nails, so the Ultimate Man Package also includes a ‘Man’-icure. Starting with a scrub to slough away hard, dry skin, the hands and arms are then treated to a relaxing massage. Nails are then filed and buffed to a natural shine. This was my first ever manicure and Ive actually had a fair few comments since the treatment about my nails from women that have noticed my nails, I now see how important keeping your nails in good condition is and do plan to get a manicure again.


Finally, for those with pesky grey hairs to disguise or those seeking a new look, the master colourists at Aldo Coppola will work with you to achieve the perfect colour. Both the Henna and Shatush colouring techniques use natural ingredients to protect and nourish the hair structure, leaving it soft, healthy and noticeably less grey. I didnt need any colour but its included as part of the package if required go for it.

After the coluring  the team will then wash, cut and style the hair to finish.

The Ultimate Man Package takes from two to two and a half hours, and is certain to leave you feeling and looking at your best when its over. I throughly enjoyed the time I spend at Aldo Copppla and I hpe you do too.

The Ultimate Man Package at Aldo Coppola is priced at £195.

For more details see www.aldocoppola.co.uk

 Aldo Coppola, 70 Sloane Avenue, South Kensington, London SW3 3DD

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Aldo Coppola Styling Products now Online

Posted on 24 August 2011 by Chris Ford

Italian Aldo Coppola has been a consultant for L’Oreal for years. During fashion week in Milan for ready to wear and Rome (high fashion) he created and executes the hairstyles on models for the most prestigious fashion names. He operates a number of salons in Italy and now London’s Sloane Square.

To compliment the salons Aldo has released a range of styling products including  The  Styling Paste for men  from the Mediterranean Complex range at Aldo Coppola, is available exclusively in store (0207 052 0709) or online at www.aldocoppolashop.co.uk for £25.00. The paste leaves hair soft and pliable, and is formulated with aloe extract to moisturise and revitalise dry hair. The Aldo Coppola Mediterranean Complex range is inspired by the med and is rich in naturally derived ingredients, whilst being designed for specific hair types such as dry, coarse etc.


The Mediterranean Complex range is available now from www.aldocoppolashop.co.uk

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