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BoomBocs – The next level in bluetooth speaker quality

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BoomBocs – The next level in bluetooth speaker quality

Posted on 03 May 2018 by Chris Ford

Bluetooth speakers are commonplace now in a lot of our homes. But while good for a bit of background music at the beach or on your balcony, they certainly aren’t up to scratch for the budding audiophiles amongst us.

With that in mind, today I came across these new speakers from BoomBocs.  BoomBocs Bluetooth speakers are the brainchild of sound engineer Jonny Williams who decided to develop a portable speaker that could do his tracks justice.

Focusing on both sound quality and design, all BoomBocs speakers were founded  in South London by highly skilled audio specialists using original manufacturing methods and the highest standards in cabinet design and speaker component sourcing.

BoomBocs speakers have also been tailored for  some top musicians on tour including Rita Ora and Lady Gaga – which is a pretty impressive claim to fame!

I love their retro styling, which makes them look like they wouldn’t be out of place on stage as part of a professional speaker stack and the bright bold colours on offer means they will certainly stand out from the very vanilla speakers we have seen from others in the past.

The BoomBocs classic boasts a 200w digital amplifier to connect wirelessly but also has the handy option to connect your devices via aux cable which is a great feature to see, very handy not only to connect your device via cord but also if you want to add something like an Alexa echo to add that smart functionality without having to put up with a small low quality speaker for your music.

The classic speaker starts at £699.99 with an additional £99.00 for the optional battery pack and comes with eight colour options.

For more info and to order one for yourself head over to

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Nokia Steel HR – More than just a pretty face

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Nokia Steel HR – More than just a pretty face

Posted on 19 December 2017 by Chris Ford

My phone, my iPad, Bluetooth headphones, electric toothbrush, and Bluetooth speaker.  The last thing I needed in my life was another gadget that needed charging every day.  But I did want a fitness watch. And that’s just one of the reasons I love the Nokia Steel HR, with its battery life that lasts 25 days on a single charge. Then just an hour or so in its dock and it’s fully charged and ready to go again. But the super battery is not the only killer feature of this nifty bit of kit.

Another thing that makes the Nokia Steel HR stand out from its competitors is the simple, smart design. It’s subtle and sleek, easy to wear with any outfit. And for a more high-end look you can even purchase leather straps to replace the silicon ones it comes with. It could easily be mistaken for an analogue watch, apart from two small circles – which make it more than just a pretty face.


The lower circle shows at a glance how far you’ve got towards your daily steps goal – set on the accompanying app. The top circle is the techy bit – a screen activated by pushing a button the side – which shows the date, time, heart rate, number of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned as well as alarm set and the remaining battery life in turn.

The watch will light up and vibrate with notifications such as texts, calls or reminders from your phone. It’s handy to peek at who is getting in touch before digging your phone out your bag or excusing yourself from a meeting only to answer a call that turns out to be from a company asking if you’ve had an accident that’s not your fault.


The heart rate monitor kicks in sporadically throughout the day, giving you an average of your day. But by pressing the side button and holding it down you activate the heart rate monitor to track you constantly – which is great to get a more accurate reading while exercising. It also sends the info of your workout to partner apps, like MyFitnessPal or Apple Health so calories burned can be taken into account. The Nokia Health Mate app itself is simple to use and attractive.


The watch is comfy too – and waterproof so you can leave it on and forget about it even when sleeping or showering. Or even when going for a swim.

There are only two areas for me where there’s room for improvement. Firstly, it’s not super accurate tracking sleep, and often estimates that I’ve fallen asleep much earlier than I have (though this is usually when I’m flaked out on the sofa binging Netflix, so maybe that’s understandable…). Also, I’d love to see the watch working with third-party apps, such as Whats-App. Maybe this is something that Nokia can offer in the future?


Overall I’m so impressed with the Nokia Steel HR and have had lots of compliments and enquiries from friends and colleagues. It’s the perfect device for someone like me. Not a fitness freak or techy nerd. Just someone who wants to simply track their fitness and stay connected – without sacrificing style.


The Nokia Steel HR is available now for £169.99 from Amazon by clicking here.

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V-MODA: Crossfade 2 Wireless – Review

V-MODA: Crossfade 2 Wireless – Review

Posted on 07 November 2017 by Chris Ford


Recently V-Moda sent over their new flag ship Bluetooth headphones the Crossfade 2 Wireless for us to take a look at, and my hour long commute each day I took them on a two week trial run. Here’s my thoughts on how they stack up to my current headphones the Bose QC35’s.

Sound Quality

I’ve used a variety of Bluetooth headphones over the years (most recently the direct competitor to to these Vmodas the Bose QC35) and I was instantly struck by the sound, both power, clarity of bass all very strong, these quite frankly make my Bose headphones sound muddy! And I was totally happy with them beforehand.

Noise Cancelling

So the V-Modas do not have active noise cancelling instead they use what they call passive noise isolation. The ear cups are extremely well insulted meaning a natural barrier to outside noise without the need for powered assistance, and yes it does work quite well. Is the noise cancelling as good as something like the Bose QC 35? Well no not quite but it’s not far off. On a packed train to work I could hear my music crisply and clearly without the distraction of the rumbling train, again on a short flight to Belgium the noise cancelling was just as affective  without the power draining ANC on something like the Bose.

Battery Life

On battery life they beat competitors hands down,  with a 15% Longer Battery than than the original Crossfade this bigger battery provides up to 14+ hours of music with no ANC and they can also be used with the cable even when the juice dies which was a massive plus to me when testing.


The Vmoda crossfade 2 are extremely comfortable, Id go as far to say they are a pleasure to put on my ears, with some over ear headphones I find they pinch my ears but the Vmoda’s comfortably surround my ears with the memory foam cushions blocking the outside world wonderfully

Looks & Design

The Vmoda Crossfades 2 come in a striking and a tad unusal design compared to a lot of cans but that’s no bad thing, there’s also the ability to change the side plates for different colours or even custom engravings if you really want that bespoke feel.

Using Vmodas ‘CliqFold Hinge’ the headphones fold into an impossibly small exoskeleton case perfect for on the go and traveling.


I have been really impressed by the Vmoda Crossfade 2. The sound quality , battery life and comfort are all on point, there is a slight compromise on noise cancelling abilities compared to some active noise cancelling models out there but the foam cups in our  testing did a excellent job blocking the outside world.

Vmoda Crossfade 2 Wiresless are out now and currently £279.99 on

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Back of the net with Beko

Back of the net with Beko

Posted on 07 September 2017 by Guest Post

Professional footballers make the ideal ambassadors to have on board if you’re looking to promote healthy eating, which is exactly what Beko is doing with its new range of electrical gizmos. And, far from being just another white goods manufacturer, the Turkish company is really trying to innovate with its stylish range of new kitchen gadgets, including some nifty blenders that are tailor-made for serving up a fresh batch of nutrition whenever you need it.

Bekos Vacuum Blender

Beko’s latest vacuum blender, in particular, looks interesting as does the Slow Juicer that delivers premium goodness, just as long as you’re not in a hurry and don’t mind waiting a bit. At IFA we also enjoyed the quality cups of Joe that were produced by Beko’s natty new fully automatic Expresso machine that boasts Internet of Things connectivity.

However, the innovative angle is present across the range of products, with new developments in its cooling and refrigeration appliances that offer a neat slant on keeping things fresh. Meanwhile, Beko’s take on washing machines and tumble dryers brings with it many new features. There’s an AirTherapy model for starters, which is the world’s first washing machine with warm air circulation that benefits from ready-to-go features that’ll have you wearing clean ‘n’ fresh strides in record time,

Beko also reckons it’s got the world’s faster washer dryers in its portfolio in the shape of the Ultrafast range, while IonGuard models deliver what Beko claims is its freshest ever tumble-dried clothes thanks to its built-in IonGuard steam therapy. Oh, and there’s even a new dishwasher range that features AutoDosing technology, which optimises detergent dosage based on the consumers’ programme selection. As a result, the company says owners can expect more efficiency and better financial savings.

Beko launched its shiny new collection in a global initiative that’s been dubbed ‘Eat Like a Pro’, in partnership with FC Barcelona and chose IFA, Europe’s mega trade show, to showcase the latest kitchen gadgets. With child obesity levels on the increase Beko has made a smart move by enlisting the help of one-time FC Barcelona player Patrick Kluivert to encourage healthy eating among the young, while the company has also enlisted the services of Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella, the high-profile food blogger who changed her life after a period of illness by deciding that nutrition and healthy eating could get her back on track.

Beko’s affiliation with FC Barcelona also means that it’s potentially well-placed to get you closer to the game itself. Indeed, at IFA the Beko booth had a wheel of fortune setup that gave visitors the chance to win match tickets. Or a blender. Or, in the majority of cases, a freshly made smoothie creation from one of the celebrity chefs they had on hand. And, while nobody on press day appeared to win match day tickets, the smoothies were mighty fine and highlighted what you can do with a decent blender and a fistful of nutritious raw ingredients.

Patrick Kluivert is certainly a fan of the blended treats. “For me to play at the top of my game for more than 15 years, healthy eating and nutrition was so important,” he said before journalists were let loose on a dazzling array of mashed up fruit and veg juices. ”I have passed all of this down to my children today and the Beko global initiative of Eat Like a Pro can inspire families and children all around the world to eat healthier food.”

The healthy angle being promoted by Beko is underlined by company CEO, Hakan Bulgurlu, “Childhood obesity is truly a global issue,” he commented. “If current trends continue, the number of overweight or obese under-5s will reach 70 million by 2025. At Beko, we believe we can help tackle this crisis in two important ways: by our innovative technologies that make healthy eating easier; and by generating excitement amongst children to eat healthily. Our Eat Like a Pro initiative aims to make healthy food enticing to children throughout the world, helping them eat what their heroes eat. Our aim is simple, to help reduce childhood obesity through prevention and education”


The full campaign will be rolled out globally from January 2018, and will engage with families, schools, communities and homes around the world to rethink their food choices, and ‘Eat Like A Pro’.


Words and images Rob Clymo @theclymobrief

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Propel Launch Star Wars Battle Drones

Propel Launch Star Wars Battle Drones

Posted on 31 August 2017 by Chris Ford

Recently I received a rather exciting email, “would you like to come to Brussels for a Start Wars product launch it “ it said , well rather excitedly I of course said yes!

The launch was for a Propels new Star Wars drones, yes you read that right STAR WARS DRONES! These aren’t what you would usually think of drones as, they don’t have cameras these drones are made to battle! The drones come in the familiar shape of a X-Wing Star fighter, Darth Vaders Tie Advanced fighter, and a Speeder bike.

The idea is you get two of these together and battle each other shooting the built in laser blaster to score points and eventually down your opponent.




I think the first thing that struck me is the great deal of thought and detail that has gone into designing these drones, for a start there is  the Li Fi technology use in the drones laser scoring system (li-fi is a system similar to wifi except it uses light instead of radio waves to send and receive data).

We then have things like when your x-wing or Tie Fighter takes a hit, not only do you hear it through authentic star wars sound affects you also see the drone physically react to the hit.


The Propel Star Wars drones also feature integrated flight control algorithms for various types of high-precision multiplayer air battles, including a new T Mode (Training Mode) for first-time flyers, which creates an invisible aura around you and makes the drone easier to control. Special manoeuvres like corkscrew rolls in forward flight and innovative reverse propulsion drone technology enable the craft to reproduce the famous flight action in Star Wars , imagine spinning your drone in mid air just like in the movies?  Well the Propel can do it!


This first quadrocopter edition comes in a presentation box with a wax seal and a three-dimensional scale model of the craft on the front. When the top of the box is opened, the box lights up and various soundbites as well as the Star Wars theme are played through speakers which are integrated in the box. Each box and drone has a unique serial number making these drones Im sure highly collectable as well as being seriously impressive I mean who does this with their packaging?

Learning To Fly

The App


Propel have also produced a App for both Iphone and Android to help you get the most out of your drone. The initial release will be a flight simulator with 34 training modes to train you from cadet to admiral status, the app syncs your remote controlleryour phone via Bluetooth and movement mimics the actual live flight experience allowing you to perfect your piloting before taking on your mates in battle!




Obviously a concern with anything like this especially when its designed to battle is durability so its good to know that Propel are offering a comprehensive parts replacement service and even include a 12 months unlimited parts replacement service so if you do get into a scrape you are covered.



A big appeal of the Propel drones is of course the ability to battle others,  Propel plan to organise battle arena events like the ones in our videos around the country as well as the ability to arrange your own battles via social networks  and the Propel app there should be no shortage of people to battle.


Our Verdict


I think it’s clear from this review we are pretty impressed with what Propel have done with their Star Wars Battle drones the attention to detail is insane and Im sure anyone from the casual fan to the serious obsessive will be impressed with what they have done, my only gripe would be the battery last for 8mins which isn’t long but you do get two batteries and can buy more via Propels parts service so all is not lost there either.

The Propel Star Wars Battle Drones are available in the UK from 1st September 2017 with the individually numbered Collector’s Edition available exclusively from John Lewis at a price of £199.

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Review : Casio Ediface Smart Watch

Review : Casio Ediface Smart Watch

Posted on 15 March 2017 by Chris Ford

Recently Casio sent us over one of their new range of Smart watches to check out – the Casio Edifice EQB-500DB. Here what we thought after a week’s use.

First of all the Edifice isn’t what I would call a traditional smart watch, actually it has more in common with a traditional watch but with a little tech built in.

The Edifice has a striking blue analogue face with a steel bracelet and outer case making it look very much in place in a professional environment. Some smart watches would like a bit out of place with a suit on, no problems here.


The tech inside has some interesting uses, the main one being its solar powered, so no need to change the battery or stick it on charge which amazes me for something with a Bluetooth connection.

Second – and my favourite feature – is the Global time sync. The watch automatically syncs the time to the time zone you are in so perfect for someone that travels a lot.

Talking of time zones, there is actually a second dial on the watch to set up with your preferred zone so you still know the time at home, again ideal for globetrotters.

Alarms can be setup on the watch via the connected app on your phone (both IOS and Android are compatible) and once set and sent to the watch you don’t need your phone nearby for the alarm to work. I found this particular handy in meetings when I had left my phone on my desk but the watch reminded me when I had to wrap things up.

All in all the Edifice is a solidly built watch that has some cool ‘smart’ features while retaining that classic look. Perfect for travellers and techies alike.

The Casio Edifice EQB-500DB has a rrp of £325.00  for more info head over to


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Cloud computing – What is it and how it works

Cloud computing – What is it and how it works

Posted on 27 October 2016 by Chris Ford

Thanks to Cloud computing and the way in which it revolutionized public communication, interaction and exchange of information on a global scale, we no longer need to rely exclusively on our computers’ hard drives (or external storage drives) to save and store information. The ‘Cloud,’ as it is commonly referred to, allows us to upload any file (of any format) onto a server connected to the internet through the many Cloud computing services available on the world wide web. All your digital media can now be stored exclusively on the internet and accessed simultaneously through any digital media device, from laptops to smartphones, tablets, iPads and more. This also has the enormous advantage of facilitating the sharing of files across all your portable or PC digital devices, without having to copy them from one device to the other—or saturate the CPU memory of your computer to the max, which would require constant memory upgrades and one or more high capacity external hard drives to keep up with the volume of stored data. At the same time, all the information you keep on the cloud can also be accessed by others if you so choose, who can then download the specific information from the same server.


The high advantages the Cloud carries for companies and the business world in general are evident: Cloud technology increases the level of employee efficiency and company productivity by promoting faster data integration and analysis through a shared collaborative effort; one based on a higher level of communication among company departments, as well as between the employees and the managerial levels. This is all made possible thanks to the fully accessible online Cloud servers that store company and business-related information, and which –along with the implementation of other software solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Knowledge Management Systems—can help a company to filter through and condense all the pertinent and specific data on subjects deemed vital to their business strategies and activities. Subsequently it reduces the bureaucratic process and reorganizes the structural and organizational make-up of the business, granting the company a higher degree of competitiveness to increase their market presence and visibility and face the challenges of a highly competitive marketplace. The old formula ‘time=money’ is more valid today more than ever before—especially in the midst of a deep recession like the current one, and its most obvious benefit is that the Cloud essentially saves time. The same is true for government agencies, for which it is a valuable asset in reducing bureaucracy and accelerating data integration and analysis across all departments, thus promoting faster decision-making and policy implementation, and in the process saving the taxpayers a lot of money. As far as excellent job and career opportunities go, there happens to be a high and growing demand by companies for Cloud computing experts who possess the necessary skills to implement this technology along with all the required safety measures. According to a recent poll, 42% of US and UK companies are seeking to employ experts in Cloud computing, and 43% of these same companies are having trouble finding them due to lack of professionals with the necessary expertise.


The various Cloud services available today include Dropbox, which is the most popular one, with a free account that lets users upload up to 2GBs of files, and lets you connect and synchronize with other devices that can access the same information. OpenDrive, Box and Safesync are some other popular services.  Sites like YouTube or any other on-demand video channels also utilize Cloud computing and would not be able to do what they do had there been no Cloud. Soundcloud, Google Drive and Google Music (which lets you store up to 20,000 songs), Apple’s iCloud and Amazon are some other major brands that are on the forefront of the Cloud movement. Amazon’s ‘Amazon Web Services’ (AWS), in particular, is one of the fastest growing Cloud services, with over one million users in 190 countries. Its fast-expanding global influence is due to its multiple services, which include providing web applications, Big Data processing software to handle massive volumes of data, built-in encryption back-up & storage options and many more solutions for businesses or other organizations (quite often governments). The company also offers specialized Amazon AWS training courses to acquire the necessary skills in Cloud technology, but there are also many other services external to Amazon which provide AWS training for anyone interested. Furthermore, the enormous success of Amazon’s AWS is also due to the many employment opportunities these services offer for any IT or business professional—from software engineers, Account Managers , Product Managers, Support Engineers, Solutions Architects to Designers, System Engineers, and many more.


Lastly, as all users are aware of, there are some risks associated with the use of the Cloud, ranging from cyber-hacks to industrial espionage— which may make one want to reconsider exposing all their personal or company information on an online server—and government restrictions, user fees, as well as higher cost of bandwidth use as the memory capacity grows. Not to mention how online Security and privacy are the most important issues for any user, and especially when one decides to implement Cloud technology. Fortunately, this is the very reason why there is such a growing demand among companies for professional Cloud/IT experts who can implement the technology in collaboration with other specialized IT departments while keeping into consideration all the necessary security and legal measures. It is also the reason why there are so many training courses available offered by professional institutions that can help one acquire the necessary skills to become certified and enter the career world of one of the fastest-growing job fields in the IT/computer industry.


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The Bike Lock Industry: An Entirely Novel Approach

Posted on 27 October 2016 by Chris Ford

A Vomit Inducing Bike Lock – The Ultimate Deterrent?


How confident are you that your expensive, brand new bicycle lock is going to stop anyone really determined to steal your most prized and indispensable possession?


It’s a sad fact that protecting your bike from theft is almost impossible these days.

Until a new and innovative security device called the SkunkLock hit the scene that is.

“After witnessing first hand and becoming victims of bike theft ourselves, we realized that people don’t need a bigger, stronger lock, we needed a lock with a fundamental deterrent.” said Daniel Idzowski from San Francisco, one of the inventors of SkunkLock.
Along with his co-creator Yves Perrenoud, Idzowski has created a device with an advanced disc-cylinder tumbler lock that’s as formidable as some of the most expensive bike locks out there.

But this is no ordinary lock. It comes with a secret weapon.

“SkunkLock is a hardened medium-carbon steel U-Lock that’s as difficult to compromise as the strongest U-Locks, and comes with a surprise.” continues Idzowski.

“It’s pressurized inside with a noxious chemical deterrent that slams the would-be thief with noxious chemicals. The chemicals are so disgusting they induce vomit in the majority of cases, and elicit an instinctive response to run away immediately.”


This means that if any thief attempts to saw through the SkunkLock, as soon as they hit the hollow interior it instantly releases a cloud of the vomit producing chemicals towards them.

This concoction codenamed ‘formula D-1’, also ruins the clothes of anyone close to it or any protective gear they are using.

Describing just how effective it is, Idzkowski said “At two feet it was pretty bad. It was absolutely vomit-inducing in 99% of people.”

The team behind SkunkLock are now looking for funding on Indiegogo. Pledge $99 and you should receive your lock by June 2017.

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Samsung Note 7 Overheating: Still No Answer

Posted on 27 October 2016 by Chris Ford

On October 10 2016, Samsung immediately stopped production of its newest release, the Galaxy Note 7. They also asked consumers who had bought the device to return them to the store. This was the second time that the Galaxy Note 7 had been recalled, due to the fact that the phone was unexpectedly heating up and then catching fire. The reason behind it is believed to be that of a flaw in the battery. Today, it would sadly appear that Samsung are no closer to finding out the reasons behind why this is happening and re-releasing the Note 7.

Note 7 Overheating

This failure in the company’s technology, and lack of knowledge as to why it is happening, has also had a knock on effect for the rolling out of their next phone, the Galaxy S8. The Wall Street Journal labelled it as their flagship phone. The engineering work behind the Galaxy 88 has been delayed until the root cause of the overheating is found.

In a press release, Samsung stated that when they originally recalled the Galaxy Note 7, they were unable to give a reason as to why the phone was overheating and, that they are still unable to do so. But, they are firmly committed to finding out why it is happening. They also wanted to assure customers that all of their devices are 100% safe.

Note 7 Overheating

The Galaxy Note 7 hit shelves mid August and was seen by many in the industry as being Samsung’s best phone to date and, the one that would make them globe leaders in the mobile phone world. Sadly, this did not happen. Due to the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, the company are set to lose an estimated $3 billion. What will happen next, and if they will ever get to the bottom of this technical glitch, is yet to be seen.


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Facebook To Change Their Post Removal Policy

Posted on 27 October 2016 by Chris Ford

Facebook is going to change its post removal policy. The news was announced by two of its co-founders, Justin Osofsky and Joel Kaplan. In their joint statement, they stated that the company are going to allow more posts to be visible to the public, even if they violate the social network’s standards, and if they are deemed to be of significance and newsworthy.
Facebook Policy
This bold move by Facebook comes after many charitable organisations, news agencies and other large social groups, criticised the social media platform for removing posts without any warning and without consulting those who were concerned, so that they could appeal the decision. The backlash was further heightened when a Norwegian newspaper posted the famous image of the naked Vietnamese girl running along the road during the Vietnam War, alongside one of their news stories. This was subsequently removed – sparking huge condemnation from the news agency concerned and other Facebook users. What was even more controversial, was that following the removal of the image from the site, the writer in question was also suspended, which then led to the Editor-in-Chief of the paper contacting Mark Zuckerberg directly, to ask him about Facebook’s censorship policy.

A month after this incident, Facebook removed a post that was related to a news article posted by Le Monde, on the subject of breast cancer. The reason was that it showed an image of nipple. However, after following several complaints, including those from the newspaper concerned, the post and image were finally reinstated.

Following Facebook’s recent announcement that they will now consider the public interest surrounding a post, as well as that of its newsworthiness, it would appear that the social media network will now fully reflect the opinions and values of the Facebook community. In order to do so, they have committed to work more closely with law enforcement experts.


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